Shocked, horrified, sad, are just a few adjectives that describe my state of mind after the slaughter on Tuesday. We’re outnumbered. We lost the culture war. I was on the brink of total meltdown a few days ago when my aunt, a very wise, funny and patriotic woman posted the following as her status on FB and it made me realize there is hope as long as those of us who can, keep fighting for what is right no matter what obstacle we face. I have immersed myself in the writings of our forefathers over the last week (interrupted only by giant heaping servings of macaroni and cheese) and have discovered what I already knew. I will not be going quietly into the night. I will not be going into hiding or shutting down my soapbox. I thought about it. What’s the point…no one cares right? But my aunt does and you do and so does half the country. Not to mention the lives, fortunes and blood of the great Americans that built this place (oh yes, they built it) and they did that and sacrificed all for you and me. I will honor that sacrifice until the day I die. I owe a debt I may actually be able to repay! The preservation of liberty. Scary? Yes, worthwhile? Definitely. I’m still in it. Battered, bruised, hurting….but still here.

Words from my aunt:
I saw “Skyfall” last night. Meh. More of the same but not as much (although Javier Bardem should get an Oscar). I used to eat a cereal called Cracklin Bran. I ate that cereal, I kid you not, every night and day for about 8 years. Then one time I was sitting down to eat and I took a spoonful in my mouth as usual (it’s a really tasty cereal) and my throat closed. It was like, “SPIT IT OUT ANNIE”. I couldn’t swallow it and I didn’t. And I haven’t had any since! I loved that cereal! Sometimes I see it now and wonder if I could have some, but I don’t. So, I feel the same way about Hollywood movies now. Why support the movie industry when it hates my guts (and my guts seem to now want to not have it either)? Why? In addition, why give a cent to an industry that literally has functional, effective, healthy, values that should be perpetuated rather than made fun of, in it’s crosshairs? I am SO SICK of the umpteenth movie on the “grotesque nightmare” of “suburban married life”‘; assholes, there are more marriages that are functional than not and why not HELP the idea of the only institution that can most successfully nurture future human beings than HURT it by focusing on the really weird ones? Hmmmm? Ask any kid if they like divorce (except in extreme cases). And yet, divorce, what’s that? The word is don’t ever even get married in the first place, it’s so bourgeois! Why do we follow these people? Dan Quayle WAS right, we know that now. Oh but EXCUSE ME, I’m talking about “social conservatism” when I’m supposed to be only a “fiscal conservative”, otherwise I’m just an uncool drooling redneck. And that dork face Rick Santorum, priggish YES, but look beyond that to the “traditional” values he tries to tout that are good for YOU and good for society; admit it, they are. Yes, not everyone’s marriage makes it, not everyone can go without smoking pot every hour or drinking themselves into oblivion, but can anyone not admit it’s a good thing to stay sober? Howabout all those countless celebrities spouting off about how horrible their lives were until they got “sober”? Oh, so then it’s ok? We “social conservative’s” have known that for awhile! And “reproductive rights”, like all of a sudden there are hoards who want to make “birth control” illegal? Give me a break! It was about forcing religious companies to purchase a product that was against their beliefs, it would be like forcing Californians to buy plastic grocery bags and buy them for others! God forbid! And howabout abortion being , “safe, legal, and rare”, remember that one? Clintons rode in on that, and I say FINE, safe legal and rare. “RARE” you say? Hey, “get your hands off my vagina effing Republicans”. Even Naomi Wolf, feminist extraordinaire, once touted having mini funerals for the dead products of the womb (you google it). Has anyone who is rabidly pro abortion ever SEEN an abortion? With ultrasound? That’s something to be proud of supporting? You tube has some amazing stuff on it omigosh. Why would I be ashamed of thinking such a procedure should NOT be sacrosanct? Liberals are all about fairness. Talk about “fair”, what’s so fair about getting your life snuffed out because someone forgot to take birth control? And DON’T TELL ME THEY COULDN’T AFF0RD IT that is a joke. I’ll even say abortion is a necessary evil, but it IS an EVIL and I’m not ashamed to say so, so there. If that makes me a Neanderthal than so be it; oh wait a minute, abortion, infanticide, death for birth defects, you name it, was the RULE in ancient societies, before the dreaded “Judeo-Christian” thingy came into effect, my bad. Go on self destruct on yo bad selves, but we gotta come with, that’s the bummer. Honest to god, if Jay Z and Matt Damon et al wanted to pay more taxes what the hell was stopping them?? Their guilt motivates them to want to pay more taxes, “oh I’ll pay more to the government so THEY will help poor people and I can say I gave at the office”, and their sense of “fairness” wants OTHERS, not just them, to be forced to give more taxes too; but we know when you give money to the government it disappears down a black hole! Mitt Romney may have paid 15% taxes but over 50 PERCENT of his income went to charity! That’s because he (and Warren Buffet) KNOW that THEY can do a better job managing getting their $ help to needy people! Obama and Biden gave, like 1% to charity. Oh, I guess that’s cuz the gov does such a good job of distributing it, yeah right. I gotta hand it to the Democrats, those dudes and gals are AMAZING at what they do to get their guy elected, in sheer terms of efficacy, it’s mind blowing. Well, lets hope their guy’s policies really do work, lets hope that, even though climate changes naturally and has been changing since the beginning of time, that He can make it stop; lets hope that even though, since the 70’s the Hollywood scientists have been telling us the end is near (first it was cooling, than warming, then overpopulation, ETC), even though, even with Europe not flushing their toilets and dissing mini pads and plastic bags since at least the 80’s (and there’s still an environmental threat??), even with mercury filled light bulbs, and even with Toyota Pious’s (not a spelling error) and windmills and food grown for car’s engines, even with plastics banned (hmmm, what about their precious iphones, ipads, tv sets, computers, ETC, ALL made with plastics..did you know PLASTIC is a by product of the dreaded oil we evil republicans advocate driling for w/out which life as we know it would cease?), in spite of all this, lets be like Lucy and Charlie Brown, she’s holding the football for Charlie to kick, he kicks it EVERY time, with trepidation, knowing she’s been wrong every single time with her promises not to pull it away and cause him to fall on his ass. Hey, THIS time these guys will be right, their policies will save the earth, feed clothe and house all peoples, AND raise GDP and fix families yearning for stability. Yes, I’m there, I’m repentant, I’m hopeful, THANK YOU JAYZEES! Amen.

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Stay at home, homeschooling mom of two
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39 Responses to Gobsmacked

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  2. kerry says:

    Your aunt is awesome!

  3. Megan Fox says:

    yes, yes she is. A truly great mind. I am blessed to have her and so is the country.

  4. Shelia says:

    That is epic! I am hereby adopting your aunt. Thank you for posting this … cousin Megan. :)

  5. Ratspinkie says:

    We’re not outnumbered. We were outmaneuvered by the voter fraud that took place in the swing states. We’ll probably have a lot less chance of voter fraud if we go back to using paper ballots.

  6. Jane says:

    We are NOT outnumbered, we did NOT lose the culture war – Obama cheated!

    Please read this article:


    He writes: The reality, though, remains: the real, true majority of Americans did not ask for this outcome, did not support this result, and actually desire something very different from the plans they know this false president has for the nation.

    Here is how it’s supposed to work: you know that you voted for Romney (or against Obama), but now you’re supposed to believe that “everybody else” wanted Obama. The “overwhelming majority” of people want Obama, want his policies, and want you to suffer. That’s what the Press will tell you, that’s what the authorities will tell you, that’s what the “official” version will be.

    You are now supposed to “accept” your fate. You are now supposed to sit down and shut up. You are now supposed to “accept” the so-called “will of the people.” That’s what you’re supposed to do.

    YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE UP. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SUCCUMB. You’re SUPPOSED to stop fighting, stop resisting, stop speaking out.”

    • Megan Fox says:

      Whether or not it was stolen, there’s no going back. We have to fight the battle before us and yes, the culture war is lost. We do not have a Hollywood…we need to make one. We do not have entertainment anymore and it is a powerful powerful weapon. We need our own. This calls for drastic measures. We need to fight the culture war more efficiently.

  7. Keith Glass says:

    Funny you should mention “making our own entertainment”. Have you heard of Bill Whittle ?? More importantly, his “Declaration Entertainment” venture ???



    And, of course, Bill Whittle’s channel on YouTube. . .


    (Oh, and BTW, the wife and I home-schooled our daughters. . . )

    • Megan Fox says:

      Thanks for that…I’m going to look it up. We need to stop supporting the industry that is destroying us

      • Meg says:

        I have been doing this for a long time – and I extend it to companies that support Obama and other Democrats. Some of these I just found out about in my research after the coup, when I was so shell-shocked, depressed and angry that I had no other resource to cope than find the bas&$rds and make ’em pay. Then I realized it’s not for revenge – only their guy told them to vote for revenge – it’s for being able to do my one little part in protest. I feel better now and realize that yes, there was some fraud, but mostly it is a complicent media and a constituancy who votes only for the percieved benefit to self – whereas most of us voted for benefit to country. Which of course, gives every American including ourselves the benefit. I am goling to fight for better voting methods and a complete black out of the media. And tell every young woman I know that her birth control will never be free and she won’t either, as long as she continues to vote for a party that caused over 600,000 woment o be out of work. I will hunker down, save my money, pay my taxes and run my small business as best I can – I intend to come out stronger when the nightmare is over!!!! Thanks for your post – and your aunt’s – it’s good to see there are strong conservative women still ready to face the evil in front of them!!!

  8. KochvilleDi says:

    Your Aunt is awesome – lucky you!! Thank you for sharing her words of wisdom with us. I appreciate the time you take to keep this site going. It’s sooooo nice to know I am not alone.

    Last week, no getting around it, was a rough time after the election. Then I decided it’s kinda like when my kids don’t listen to my advice on the big stuff, based on my considerable years of living and good ole’ common sense. They do their thing, and then I’m there to help pick up the pieces, if needed. And it’s almost always needed. (Not that it happens a lot, and I’m almost always rewarded with a “Mom, I should have listened to you!”)

    So either the liberal ideas will work and transform our economy and good for us all, or it won’t, and we’ll have to help pick up the pieces.

    I’ve got my wheelbarrow ready.

    • Megan Fox says:

      I really am blessed with a wise family. Starting with a woman (my grandmother) who came here as a teen from Jamaica and worked her way into the service of generals and a US President. My family is the American dream and we have the successes to prove it and none of it was built by anybody else. I owe my family a great deal and I owe future generations even more. I’m not going to shut up now.

  9. ebayer says:

    The two part plan by the leftists pulled off a stunning upset this past election.
    The first part took place over Obama’s four years.
    The social media sites maligned the Tea Party and Republicans and guys like Breitbart,while the legacy News media covered for Obama and putting blame on Republicans for the problems the country hasn’t overcome.
    While truth was being told through the new media,the lies and distortions being pumped out 24/7 by the legacy media held sway over most Americans.Minitru would not be denied.
    The message was…Democrats good,Republicans evil.
    The response by Republicans and conservatives alike after the election was sad.
    “Let’s be more like the leftists Democrats!”
    You lost the media war fellas,not the ideology war.Duh
    Becoming “Democrat-like” will not endear you to Minitru,unless maybe you go so far left that you effectively eliminate the Republican party.Then maybe you will get the positive press coverage you so dearly desire.
    How about implementing this political strategy:You’re in the minority in the Senate,vote “present”.
    Replace John Boehner in the House.
    Craft a more effective message.Don’t be afraid to potray the Democrats as evil and unwilling to move to the right.
    The Republicans are always playing a game of CYA.STOP playing by their rules.
    Is this all one big hoax being pulled on the public?Is the reason the Republicans go along with all the bullying by the Democrats and the legacy media,because it’s all one big “Good ol’ boys club”in D.C.?

    The second part of the plan happened on election day.This happened on just one day,but without it,the past four years would’ve been a waste of time and money.
    How is it possible that Obama had 10 million less votes than 2008 and still won re-election?
    How is it possible that Romney got less than 3 million less votes than McCain in 2008?
    In my mind the biggest factor in this past election was all the suspicious activity that has been reported from Wiisconsin to Texas to Florida to Pennsylvania to Ohio.
    Eveyrthing from questionable voting machines to bussed in voters to Republicans being removed from polling places.

    It seems clear to me that elections are won on election day and the way to do that is to protect the purity of the vote…one man,one vote.
    We need more conservatives and Republicans in positions of power and authority of elections and in overseeing the voting process.

  10. Mr. Lucky says:

    Republicans deleted the Perot voters, the Libertarians, the Ron Paul voters, and now all they are left with is some white folks and some fundies. The Republican Party has become a warmongering, bankster loving, budget busting, Constitution destroying, open border loving disgrace. The will never win another national election. My brother has been a life long Republican, and a former Bush supporter. This election he voted Libertarian. As Judge Napolitano said, “there is not a dimes worth difference between the two parties”.

    • Megan Fox says:

      I don’t agree with this. There was a big difference between Obama and Romney. Yes the GOP is a disgrace but it would have been better than what we have. Further, are you aware that voting libertarian only brings us MORE OBAMA? How much more damage can we take? Or are you trying to burn it to the ground faster? I don’t get this strategy

    • ebayer says:

      Ahhhh,the Libertarian Party,the All White All male party finger pointing at the Republicans.

      Hello?…Allen West,Mia Love,Marco Rubio,Condi Rice,Herman Cain,Bobby Jindal,Alan Keyes…Republicans

      And Ron Paul
      The anti semite from Texas
      Lovely fellow and 9/11 truther,the white version of Jeremiah Wright.

      Ron Paul had the opportunity to vote to end U.S. aid to HAMAS, and voted against it, choosing instead to continue to send your tax money to HAMAS and its supporters in Gaza. Ron Paul also proudly spoke at the openly pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah Arab American Institute Leadership Conference . That’s aside from his constant blaming of America for the Muslim world hating us. It’s not to mention his constant defense of Iran, its funding of HAMAS and Hezbollah, and its acquisition of nuclear weapons.

    • Jane says:

      I’m a libertarian and I voted for Romney. That’s because I’m not stupid. Better the capitalist “warmonger” than the socialist warmonger…any day of the week. And you honestly think the Republicans can’t win if they put forth a solid Hispanic? You think Hispanics are going all ga-ga over gay rights (which I am not opposed to, but still!) and the attacks against the Catholic church? Hispanics will be a core constituency of the GOP by 2020, mark my words.

      • redhorse says:

        You’ve got some good points. Don’t you think the left will try to get Hispanics to “evolve
        on gay rights and abortion?

    • Nelson says:

      The Republicans are for open borders and for destroying the Constitution?
      On what planet?
      Go away!

    • olivia says:

      My Democrat son-in-law voted OneBigAssMistakeAmerica in 2008. Like your Republican brother, he voted Libertarian this year. What’s your point, Mr Lucky?

  11. The Navigator says:

    It DOES matter that it was stolen -and there are two weeks or so for an outpouring of outrage to make a difference. Of course calling the Secretaries of State in the five swing states and demanding recounts, politely asking for the names of the Electors (that’s who you voted for, NOT the Candidates) and melting their phone lines down, and telling everyone who’ll listen or read that you’re not accepting a fraudulent result wihtout pushing back- that will be work. “Fighting back” by posting on blogs? Not so much.

    • Megan Fox says:

      Romney would have had to lead the way on that by not conceding. It’s too late although I’m not against the action, I just don’t think it will work now.

  12. ebayer says:

    Talk on brother man:

  13. Mr. Lucky says:

    Hi Megan.

    Please stop blaming Libertarians for an Obama win. There is no truth in this assertion.

    • Jane says:

      I’m libertarian and I voted for Romney.

    • Megan Fox says:

      I didn’t blame libertarians. But I don’t understand the 3 million mccain voters who stayed home. Most libertarians I know did vote for Romney. I responded to the one who commented here that they didn’t vote. I don’t understand that strategy. that’s all i said

  14. Mr. Lucky says:


    Perhaps the muslim world would not hate us quite as much if we did not overthrow their governments, invade their countries, and reign down death from drones. Or……… are you still drinking the Republican/Democrat cup of illusion.

  15. Jane says:

    BTW, speaking of Libertarians…I think a good strategy would be to chase Democrats out of that party and get them to vote Green or Libertarian. Enough disillusioned Democrats could do some real damage. I used to be a Democrat so I’ll work on my end on this.

  16. Mr. Lucky says:


    Evidently discourse is not in your skill set. I threw that little comment in there about “not hating us so much”, because I knew that you would seize upon it. You know little of US history. The US has created havoc in the Middle East with its policies:

    1.Overthrow the President of Iran and install the Shah as dictator.
    2. Create, fund, and train Al Qaeda during the Russian war Afghanistan.
    3. Supply Saddam with WMD.
    4. Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraq oil fields, and Saddam wanted to punish them.. Bush’s ambassador, April Glaspie told Saddam that if he attacked Kuwait, the US would not get involved.They basically set him up, because as soon as he invaded, Bush attacked.
    5. Under Bush 2, the US invaded Afghanistan to secure the opium trade. The Taliban had shut down production, and the CIA needs drugs and gun sales to fund its black ops missions. To this day US troops guard the opium fields.
    6. Bush invades Iraq on trumped up pretext and destroys the country, and puts Iran in control of that government. But first he kills tens of thousands of civilians, and thousands of US troops, and bankrupts the US with debt to finance the fiasco.
    7.Currently Obama turns on former allies and deposes the President of Egypt and Libya, and tries to depose the President of Syria, for the express goal of instating the muslim brotherhood.

    I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point.

  17. Mr. Lucky says:


    “I don’t understand the 3 million Mccain voters that stayed home.”

    Some factors:

    1.ORCA was an abject failure. Not even properly Beta tested.
    2.Romney allowed Obama and the media to define him through out the summer without fighting back.
    3.Romney was a mediocre candidate who acted like he was going through the motions. He was never intended to win. Rove chose him knowing he would lose. Rove is setting the stage for a Bush/Hillary rematch.
    4. Romney kissed Obama’s hiney in the debates by refusing to attack on Benghazi, and by agreeing with Obama on many issues.
    5. Folks are leaving the Republican Party. Ron Paul’s people stayed home.

    • jane says:

      “5. Folks are leaving the Republican Party.” Actually, this is not backed up by the numbers. Rasmussen recently found that the number of people identifying as Republican is at an all-time high. There is a movement of black pastors calling for blacks to leave the Democrats. Not to mention the PUMAs who already left the Democrats. I used to be a Democrat and so were many female friends of mine. Obama got 10 million fewer votes this time around.

  18. Liz In Oregon says:

    I was reading the above article (http://noisyroom.net/blog/2012/11/11/romney-did-not-lose/) & saw a comment that made me think, “Hey Dummy Me, why didn’t you remember your Constitution?? The founders may have thought this problem out for us – The Electoral College!!! Now don’t go all haywire because I know that the EC is not popular, but read this by the poster Smokin’MadOkie.

    “Everybody let’s remember, we have an Electoral College. So when you voted (unless you had a paper ballot you might not have noticed) you are actually voting for a list of people that will cast the Electoral college.
    Electors chosen on Election Day meet in their respective state capitals (or in the case of Washington, D.C., within the District) on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, at which time they cast their electoral votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President. That means Dec. 17th?


    Spread to everyone you know in OH, WI, PA, VA, & FL. Today (Mon) is Federal Holiday, but tomorrow people need to contact either the individual electors on that ballot (reps for Electoral College) or their State Repub. Party.

    These electors can ask for recounts. Don’t know where Mittens is, apparently licking wounds? So, WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to get busy. All Mitten’s contact links that I had available are now static.

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and I can’t carry a note! ha! Get busy troops, if you don’t live in one of these states you can still contact anyone you know and make this message go viral.!!!

    There are too many precincts in these states that are showing over 100% of registered voters vote. Fraud anyone?”

    Some states do not require that all electors vote for the candidate of the popular vote. I think PA is one of them. I did not see where electors pledged to vote according to “popular vote” numbers. In OR, the electors sign a pledge to vote for the “popular vote” candidate. (Does this sound like a plot to usurp state rights?).

    Google “Electors for ___fill in state name___”. The information is right there. OR & PA have all the information about the constitutional purpose of the EC & the names of each elector. Then deluge your electors to get them to switch their vote to the real choice. Explain that you & they know that this election was based on a lot of voter fraud, etc. We don’t have much time left, but we do have time.

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