Political Plastic Surgery Report: Someone’s Had a Nose Job…

This is hilarious. John Kerry, a known fan of botox and other cosmetic surgery (if you recall during the 2004 election he went from sharpei to smooth as silk in a month) is at it again.

before Botox

After Botox







I particularly love the cover-up. Kerry wants us to believe he was playing ice hockey when he “broke his nose.” Yeah, okay. I know he’s a hockey fan, but does he play bare-headed? Did he get into a fight on the ice where they ripped off their helmets and he got socked in the face? Highly suspect. More likely, Kerry just got home from a little “rejuvenating” treatment at his favorite spa. You tell me what you think. Here are some nose job bruises to compare.

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4 Responses to Political Plastic Surgery Report: Someone’s Had a Nose Job…

  1. Nous Defions says:

    Maybe John Kerry senses that Barak Hussien Obama is vulnerable and may possibly withdraw from the race, ala LBJ in 1968. He may want to look his best if the DNC convention becomes a brokered convention in 2012. Maybe he has a Mistress like John Edwards his VP running mate had in the ’04 race and wants to look good for her. Maybe its pride because Hanoi Jane Fonda at age 70+ looks better than him. We may never know unless he tweets his photo over cyberspace like Anthony Weiner did.

  2. Heather says:

    Oh please-that is the most lame-o excuse I’ve ever heard!! Why didn’t he stick with the old standard of “deviated septum”?

  3. eleventy4 says:

    Watching him do an interview just now about the fiscal cliff, I don’t think he could move his forehead if he tried.

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