Taking On Media Hypocrisy: HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Interviews Larry Sinclair

Since Sharon Bialek came forward with her weak story about what supposedly occurred between her and Herman Cain, the media has treated her like a heroic victim. She has appeared on all the morning shows, talk shows and been interviewed by many big media outlets. Larry Sinclair, on the other hand, has only been able to tell his story of sex and drugs with then Senator Barack Obama to a handful of conspiracy types. Sinclair has never been taken as seriously as Sharon Bialek even though both of their stories have the elements the media is usually interested in. Sex, salaciousness and a high profile politician.

The media, starting with Ben Smith at Politico, would not report Sinclair’s claims that he performed oral sex on Obama while Obama did drugs because of Sinclair’s criminal past. But Politico had no problem printing many stories of Sinclair’s past transgressions to delegitimize his story. It’s unfortunate the media didn’t do the same with the Duke rape accuser before siding with her prematurely.

Since Bialek came forward, no media outlet except WLS-AM in Chicago has done any investigation into her past or asked questions about the legitimacy of her claims. Each media outlet has reported her unsubstantiated claims as truth and asked Cain to comment on it as if it happened.

To date, Obama has never been asked by any major news outlet what his connection was with Larry Sinclair. They have ignored Sinclair entirely. Our 2 hour interview is an attempt to right that and let Sinclair have his say and allow you to speculate on it’s truthfulness in the same way you’ve been asked to speculate on the claims made by Bialek.

Click here to hear the interview with Larry Sinclair

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