My Thoughts On the AZ Memorial

Is it just me, or does it seem absurd and heretical when leftists, who decry God and His influence on our public lives all year long, get up on a stage and read from the Bible without bursting into flames? Or at least gagging. I can’t believe the words get past their lips without involuntary twitching and shuddering. But here we are, one of the largest Muslim nations on earth, (according to our president), and our leaders are reading from the Bible on prime time. I’m wondering how many atheist organizations will complain tomorrow (or charge separation of church and state.) Not to worry though, they got their pagan fix in at the beginning with the Native American blessing giving glory to the goddess Earth and all the other directional gods. (Head….exploding.)

If you thought the president was going to “bring us together,” like everyone said he would, you were wrong. All I heard was sanctimonious “you should be nicer to each other” baloney. Yeah, you first.

He did not blame the “discourse” but he didn’t exonerate free speech either. He did not say what he should have which is that nothing is to blame but the man who pulled the trigger. Telling us to be nice and civil to one another does nothing. Means nothing. What’s uncivil about debate? What is uncivil about democracy? Well, actually it can get pretty uncivil…but isn’t that the point? It doesn’t descend into violence. We yell and we scream and we insult and we point fingers…but nobody dies. That is not the end game.

Could we do better? Of course. Is more civility what we need? I don’t think so (sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.) I think we need our lawmakers to follow the Constitution and if it takes an uncivil discourse from the public…so be it. Follow the law.

Favorite Ron Burgundy teleprompter moment, “those who saved lived here.” Someone is fired for sure over that.

Obama’s comments on 9-year-old victim Christina Green were lovely and by far the greatest part of the speech. I would like him to live up to Christina’s expectations of him too. We should live up to our childrens’ expectations. Overall it wasn’t a bad speech. It was okay.  The media deserved a major spanking for their psychotic attacks on Sarah Palin and conservatives. In fact, I wish he had apologized to her for them or at least mentioned her and how unfair it was to jump on her and accuse her of lending to the shooting. Her staff is now reporting an unprecedented number of death threats.

I was a bit offended at the crowd who was acting like they were at a ball game. What was with the whooping and hollering after every reading of the Bible and after every pause in the speeches? Inappropriate. It was a memorial service, not a pep rally.

I couldn’t help but feel like this was less a memorial than it was a pep rally for Giffords, which is okay, but then they should have called it that. Certainly, we all hope she recovers quickly. I did appreciate the stories about the victims, but I hope for their sake their private memorials reflect them and not the national show this has turned into. It felt a little like the Paul Wellstone memorial…only not as horrible. But uncomfortable nonetheless.

I hope Loughner isn’t allowed a television. I hope the families found some comfort. I hope the conversation in America turns to the way we handle the mentally ill. And no, this is not a moment to push government run health care. But we should be talking about the process of institutionalizing the mentally ill and why it is so difficult. We should be talking about how many mentally ill who commit crimes are released and not followed up on to see if they are medicating or to see if they are a continued danger.

Michael Medved had a terrific guest on the program today, E. Fuller Torrey who wrote The Insanity Offense: How America’s Failure to Treat the Mentally Ill Endangers Its Citizens. This is what we should be talking about. Not guns, not rhetoric, but why are we ignoring the mentally ill who are a proven danger? I think we could all agree this is an area where we can do a much better job.

Will the rhetoric be calmed by tomorrow? Did the great “uniter” calm the sea of hatred and vitriol? Doubtful. Keith Olbermann is still on the air. But it’s alright, because those of us without mental disorders understand that words do not kill people and passionate rebuttal is the much needed remedy for the sickness that is leftism.

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2 Responses to My Thoughts On the AZ Memorial

  1. Heather says:

    AWESOME post Megan!

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