Duh News

In a ruling that could have been predicted by any well-educated 5th grader (if we even have those anymore,) Obama’s health insurance requirement has been deemed unconstitutional. There was of course a cacophony of alarms set off by conservatives when the provision to force Americans to buy a service was included in the Obamacare bill. Democrats scoffed and continued typing furiously in the dead of night behind closed doors. The Obama/Pelosi tyranny never cared about anything as trivial as “The Constitution” that might get in the way of their goal for America (which is still unclear especially because I don’t think either one of them read the 1000 bill.)

I’m sure there will be appeals and the usual chorus of liberal pundits decrying that the judge in the case was a Bush appointee and other such nonsense. None of it will obliterate the fact that the Constitution is still the law of the land and you can’t require free people to purchase something they don’t want. Period.


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