Donate Now to Help Fund Investigations into Library Insanity


Hey everyone! The investigation into the Library madness and the porn and sex offenders is going swimmingly but we need copying funds. We will be making flyers to get out to the neighborhood to alert them to PREDATORS IN THE LIBRARY and the free accessibility of pornography to those predators. We need to raise about $200. When we raise it, I’ll take this down. We don’t beg for money here. But if you’d like to help, even a couple dollars will help with photocopying costs. Seriously, give me what you’d pay for a latte and I’ll be able to do so much more than I can right now. If you can help out, please click the image above. If you can’t, that’s okay too, please spread the word of what’s going on at Orland Park Public Library by going to my Fan Page on Facebook and posting my links to your page. It’s free and it will help! Thank you!

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From Now On, I’ll See You On Facebook!

This is my last post on From now on, follow me on  I also am producing a video series called “Story Time with Megan Fox” on my YouTube Channel about the pornography for kids lurking on library shelves, and I am a featured contributor on PJMedia. Be sure to keep an eye out for my first book coming out in 2014, which will be an exhaustive investigation into the myriad of ways that our children are corrupted by the Left’s anti-American and anti-Christian propaganda.

When I first started this site, I never would have thought I would have the opportunities that are in front of me now, turning my love of writing about politics and my passion for the country I love into a profession. I’m not going anywhere, just adapting to new technology and social media outlets. This is an exciting step and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I hope you come along for the ride with me…see you on Facebook!

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3 Excruciating Reasons Not to Cheat on Your Wife


Picture it: You’re on a business trip and that girl from marketing with the low cut blouse is handing you a hotel key and offering a no-strings attached night of heaven and your wife will never find out. Before you make a move, consider the following very good reasons to say no.


3. You could break your penis.

No seriously, you could. There was an actual study done on this. People were actually paid to study the fractured penis and it turns out, it happens mostly to cheaters as reported by Dr. Andrew Kramer.

The heightened risk appears to be due to the unconventional situations, and consequently, locations, surrounding sexual acts, the researchers said. Men in the study who had suffered penis fractures commonly were having sex in unusual settings, including in restrooms or at work, when the injury occurred. The majority were having extramarital affairs.

In such atypical situations, sex may be rushed and involve unusual or awkward sexual positions, Kramer said.

Ouch. Is there a cast for this injury? That’s gotta be an awkward recovery. Continue reading on PJMedia….CLICK HERE

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3 Ways to Know if You’re a Bad Parent Courtesy of Dina Lohan


Mommy Wars are a huge part of parenting and usually waged between working vs. non-working moms. But if you want to know who is really ruining kids, look to the philosophies of permissive parenting and moms who are more interested in being a friend than a parent. This trend is not only popular in Hollywood, but is trickling into suburbia where mothers of teen girls are shopping at the same stores as their teens and hosting parties with alcohol for their underage progeny. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, congratulations, you are a crappy parent.


3. Are you a stage-parent?

Dina Lohan’s first mistake was getting her little girl, Lindsay, into the entertainment industry. While commercials and off-broadway plays may seem harmless, it can lead to full-on hollywood horror. Strangely, while Disney maintains the best place on earth for little ones, any child sucked into working for Disney doesn’t end up happy or healthy. Very few child stars escape unscathed. Aside from that, hawking your child like a money-making opportunity is just distasteful and I’m sure makes for uncomfortable conversation over holiday dinners while your child is trying to figure out how they ended up with a cocaine addiction to rival Richard Pryor’s. Stage-parenting is not the same thing as parenting.

A classic example is Lynn Spears who allowed a Rolling Stone photographer to photograph her under-aged daughter alone in her room wearing only a bra and panties surrounded by her childhood dolls. Spears then wrote a book trying to explain that she was just naive and had no idea the entertainment industry would exploit her daughter in that way (even though it had previously exploited every other female it got its hands on.) I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure if some creepy photographer tried to get my daughter alone in a bedroom he’d find himself out on the front lawn with a bloody nose. What kind of parent doesn’t protect their child from predators? A crappy one. (ahem…Billy Ray Cyrus.)

Continue Reading on PJMedia…CLICK HERE

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Lost Innocence: The Day I Had to Tell My Children About 9/11


1st Lt. Damon Leehan, Audrey Leehan, Emma 4, Ethan 15 months.

Today was the day. I had dreaded this day since my children were born. I had sheltered them from the photos, we didn’t talk about it in front of them, and I hadn’t shed a tear about 9/11 in many years because we basically ignored it in my house the way people do with terrible truths around little ones. But my oldest daughter is in second grade now and I’m sure other 7 year olds are learning about Patriot Day in school. So today, our school day at home is explaining 9/11 to my children. What a task. The Discovery Channel, thankfully, has a special running with footage and family members remembering the lost.

We started watching the story of Flight 93. Halfway through, tears were streaming down my face. Today is the day I introduced my children to pure evil and terror. How I wish this day had never happened, for those families and for mine. At least I can now explain why their uncle, 1st Lt. Damon Leehan, died and why he was at war. Now they can connect the pictures of the buildings falling to why their cousins lost their daddy. Today is also his birthday. Today, this family remembers Damon, a man born on a day that brought his family so much joy, a day that would live in infamy, and a day that would send him to war from which he would not return.

Continue reading on PJMedia….

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Are Public Schools Modern Altars for Child Sacrifice?

child sacrifice to Canaanite gods

We started school in my house on Thursday, and, as usual, the freedom homeschooling offers still takes me by surprise. I’ve been at it for 3 years now (well, 7 if you count all the pre-pre-school that happens before school age.) We have a new grammar curriculum, Shurley English, which I think I’m going to love but when I started teaching the first lesson I realized my daughter already knows this information and I don’t want to waste her time re-teaching it. So I set her up with writing exercises while I perused the book and found the first 5 chapters are a waste for her. So guess what? We’re skipping them! If she were in class with 25 other kids, some of whom don’t know the same information she does, she would have to sit through 5 whole chapters which would take up several weeks of re-learning redundant information. What a waste of her time and talents! Instead, we can just skip ahead and get to the new stuff right now.

Many kids hate school and just get through it as quickly and as mediocrely as they can. Perhaps it’s because their specific likes and dislikes or personal learning styles aren’t taken into account. How can they in a system that has to cater to such a large group of children? Recently, a controversial article was written entitled, “If You Send Your Kids to Private School, You are a Bad Person” by Allison Benedikt that laments parents who want, and can pay for the best education their kids can get. Benedikt supposes all children should be in the public system even at their own detriment:…CONTINUE READING AT PJMEDIA!

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From Rapey to Righteous: Can Robin Thicke’s Controversial Hit Song ‘Blurred Lines’ Elevate the Culture?

Robin-Thicke-TI-Pharrell-Blurred-Lines-NSFWFauxminists everywhere are declaring Robin Thicke’s summer hit, “Blurred Lines,” rapey and weird:

Basically, the majority of the song…has the R&B singer murmuring ‘I know you want it’ over and over into a girl’s ear. Call me a cynic, but that phrase does not exactly encompass the notion of consent in sexual activity.

As originally written with the rap, yes, it’s gross. So was the video with the naked supermodels, as is most pop music. That is all true. (Someone needs to record the date and time I agreed with a modern feminist. It won’t happen again.)

However, “Blurred Lines” is a serious jam and I can’t help but turn it up and sing along (albeit without the kids in the car.) Last week, I wrote about the Miley Cyrus twerking incident which involved Thicke, who really should have known better than to agree to perform a pedophilia fantasy with a barely-legal girl in a teddy bear suit. I think we can all agree these are not shining pillars of moral superiority we’re dealing with. The Hollywood crowd seems to be arrested in development somewhere near 15-years-of-age with a fixation on dick jokes and orgasms.

But something happened with “Blurred Lines” that made it palatable even to this Christian conservative prude…

Continue Reading at PJMedia…Click HERE

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